Examples of Awesome Game Website Designs

A brief introduction

When we compare video games from ten years ago to today’s games, we can see a huge gap in technological and visual capabilities. Every year, the video game industry releases hundreds of new games that are updated to keep up with the times. Via good user interfaces and design practises, designers aim to create a pleasing and pleasurable user experience. Year after year, heroes and environments become more believable. In addition, game websites are developed and updated in tandem with video games. In this post, we’ll go through the different types of game websites and show you 10 amazing game website design examples.

Websites for gamers are divided into many categories.

The gaming industry has a wide range of game marketing models as well as a large number of video games. Almost every video game has its own website, each of which is exclusive. We identified three key categories and selected appropriate examples for each. They are as follows:

Pages dedicated solely to video games

Many videogames have their own websites that serve a variety of functions. Some of them could simply be promotional sites created just before a video game’s release. Game websites may often act as both a content storage and a community forum. They can also be used as an e-commerce website for selling video game merchandise. Many of these factors are influenced by the popularity of the game as well as the size of the audience.

On corporate or publisher websites, landing pages or subsections

The website of a video game studio or publisher typically serves a more corporate purpose. You’ll find content related to recruiting and investment, key team members, studio legacies, game portfolios, and other topics. However, not all game production firms’ corporate websites are used solely for business purposes. There might also be a landing page or multiple pages devoted to the company’s most popular games. Gamers, like us, need game news on a regular basis. Many different information channels have been developed to keep players informed about the latest developments in the video game industry. There you’ll find information on the latest games, gaming activities, gamer merchandise, and much more.

You can first determine your target audience before deciding on the type of website you want to create. You must realise that the gaming website design is just a small part of a larger marketing campaign for promoting your video game. The goals and objectives should then be defined. In a nutshell, all stakeholders must understand the intent of a website. This may seem self-evident, but it is often overlooked. After you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll be able to conveniently select the website’s required format.

You may select a landing page variant inside the corporate or publisher site, such as http://supercell.com/en/, if the game doesn’t have a large community where people speak to each other. Every famous game has its own custom section created by Supercell.

final thoughts

Great video games necessitate excellent websites. One of them is DC Comics’ Injustice. All is set up to encourage you to purchase this video game. It’s an excellent example of a promotional site with high-quality graphics. There’s a nice feature in the moving line with Twitter feeds at the very top. Dark shades, which are the game’s primary colours, are used in the visual theme. That is something that the fans love.

This has a well-designed gui with a traditional animated backdrop. Obviously, the UX architecture is sufficient for gamers to understand and enjoy. Titanfall’s website, on the other hand, is very complicated because it has a lot of pages, ads, and news all on one page.

Finally, we’d like to point out that these examples were chosen based on our experts’ extensive experience of building amazing websites. Visual shape, quality graphics, and well-done custom UX and UI design were the key requirements for selecting the best examples of game website design. We’d be happy to talk more about your ideas if you have any.

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