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This anime is styled not only in Japanese countries but around the world. Here, you will find the most popular anime series of all time.

Final Airbending Avatar

Although this sequence was written, directed and produced by Americans, it has been dubbed an anime. In this series, Avatar is a 12 year old boy who accidentally gets caught in an iceberg. In order to stay alive the Avatar was forced to meditate and his religious energy kept him alive. Avatar was finally released after nearly a hundred years. He is still 12 years old physically and mentally but his exact age can also be counted as 112. In this planet Avatar, there are 4 types of flexural power of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Air controllers can bend secular air and not secular people. Water controllers, bend water as they wish and live solely within the north and south poles. Earth Benders are very stubborn individuals and have a craft to bend the Earth. The firebender controls the fireplace and has the desire to conquer the world. The avatar is the only certain person on the planet who can bend all four elements. He is responsible for maintaining stability in the world.

Ghost in Shell

This could be a futuristic collection and the main antagonist in the collection is Motogo Kasunagi. He is mostly cited as a major in the series. Possessing a bionic cyborg physique, he is capable of performing great feats throughout the battle. Nearly each one in his workforce is a cyborg. Its staff, referred to as Section 9, are professionals in covert operations. In sequence, section 9 deals with internal as well as external conflicts. The film model is considered to be one of the best anime films of all time.


Located in medieval Japan, this country is filled with mysterious creatures and demons. Demon humans outnumbered humans. There are both good and unhealthy demons. Jewel of 4 Souls is claimed to be the most powerful entity in the world. This jewel’s magical power bestowed boundless energy to its master. If evil comes to the possession of the Sacred Jewel, then the energy is tainted by the demonic aura. Nevertheless the holy priest who is in charge of the safety of pearls is able to purify its aura, if it is polluted. Naraku, half collective demon, sets his evil gaze on the holy pearl. Kikiyo, the holy priest, was killed by Naraku by deception. Inuyasha, the great dog demon’s son, is half human and through the jewel’s ability, needs to become a full-blooded demon. His older brother Sesshomaru, because every father and mother is a devil, is a demon full of complete demonic aura. Even though Inuyasha was extremely effective, she was no match for Sesshomaru who believed that one way to survive was to battle through. Kagome is a kikiyo reincarnation in modern Japan who travels again in time, to remember all of the Four Soul Sacred Jewel shards.

Full Metal Alchemy

Edward and Alphonse Elric were two talented brothers who were able to do alchemy. Alchemy in the collection, really a science developed with elements of magic and ruled by different laws of transmutation, transfiguration and the same exchange. These legal guidelines cannot be violated under any circumstances. It is believed that a mysterious thinker’s stone is able to provide its owner with unlimited power. Rock thinkers can also break the rules of alchemy. The brothers had misplaced their mother for a terminal illness. Their quest is to find this philosopher’s stone and bring their mother back to life. The full metal alchemist earned the award for largest anime collection at the American Anime Awards.

Dragon Ball Z

This collection offers the legendary hero Goku, who must search for seven mystical dragon balls capable of summoning a huge dragon. The good dragon gives everyone who collects the ball wish. Along the best path she meets her future partner Bulma and many other friends. He had to fight many criminals, gain a lot of skills and compete in personally organized combat tournaments. Goku was trained by a legendary martial arts master who also adopted him as his grandson. Goku’s son, Gohan, is a potential successor.

Geass Code

In the world of Code Geass, Japan is a colony of the Holy Britannian Empire. It has been invaded for the purpose of controlling its mineral resources. Japan has the most important mineral sakuradite deposits. It is a very high energy producing mineral and Japan has 70 percent of the world’s deposits.

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