Marketing with Motion Graphics

Video is king in the realm of digital marketing. According to Animoto’s Social Video Trends: Consumer and Marketer Insights 2020, 91 per cent of video marketers report a higher return on investment, with 93 per cent claiming that video has directly led to a large increase in consumers.

However, video is everywhere, and if you want to stand out in a sea of white noise in marketing, motion graphic videos are the way to go.

Marketing with Motion Graphics

This type of motion media has hitherto been reserved for the film industry, and Graphics with life had been injected into the opening titles and closing credits. They are currently heavily employed in video marketing content, even though they were invented decades ago.

Motion graphics are visual components that have been animated in some way. Marketers use motion graphics for various purposes, including explainer videos, since they help convey a topic quickly. They also have a pleasing look, making them appropriate for posting on social media. Now that you know what motion graphics are keep reading to see why you should use them in your marketing and social media content strategy.

Motion Graphics’ Advantages

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s survey, over three-quarters of marketers regard video production as the most important duty in their content strategy. Nonetheless, the vast majority of them do not produce anything unusual. Using motion graphics as part of this plan is a terrific method to get a leg up on the competition.

Find out why motion graphics are the way to go for content marketing and social media management in the video below.

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